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Collaborative Deep Reinforcement Learning for Joint Object Search   CVPR 2017 Motivation:   传统的 bott...

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强度强化学习之:模仿学习(imitation learning) 2017.12.10         本文所涉及到的 模仿学习,则是从给定的展示中进行学习。机器在却说过程中,也和环境进行交互,却说,...

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函数 agent Algorithm

Ubuntu yindaoxiufu 引导修复(Boot Repair)     from:

IT input network

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资源|TensorFlow初学者需用了解的5八个经典案例 2017-05-27 全球人工智能   >>>>>>欢迎投稿

ResNet, AlexNet, VGG, Inception: Understanding various architectures of Convolutional Networks by K...

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Processing Machine

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The care and maintenance of your adviser   Ever since the advent of graduate school, students have c...

Adam Kosiorek About Attention in Neural Networks and How to Use It  this blog comes from: http:/...


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visual network

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Image Create IT input network

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random variables statistics

到底那先 是 ROI Pooling Layer ???    只知道 faster rcnn 带有 ROI pooling, 却说却说却说有算法有的是的是用却说layer 来做却说事情,如:SINT,检测的...

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ubuntu windows update Blog

函数 agent

Tutorials on training the Skip-thoughts vectors for features extraction of sentence.      1. Send em...

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自然语言处置中的Attention Model:是那先 及为那先 2017-07-13 张俊林 待字闺中 却说关注强度学习在自然语言处置方面的研究进展,我相信你一定听说过Attention Mod...

python Image Framework open file 数组


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函数 自然语言处置

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Parallel Tracking and Verifying: A Framework for Real-Time and High Accuracy Visual Tracking    本文目标...


算法 索引

算法 Algorithm

Basic Mathematics You Should Mastered 2017-08-17  21:22:40    1. Statistical distance  In statis...

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github network 神经网络

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Agustinus Kristiadi's Blog TECH BLOG TRAVEL BLOG PORTFOLIO CONTACT ABOUT Variational Autoe...

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一文背熟 强度强化学习算法 A3C (Actor-Critic Algorithm) 2017-12-25  16:29:19       对于 A3C 算法感觉被委托人无缘无故一知半解,现将其梳理一下...

Heterogeneous Face Attribute Estimation: A Deep Multi-Task Learning Approach  2017.11.28    Introdu...

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Ahmet Taspinar  Home About Contact Building Convolutional Neural Networks with Tenso...

1. install the pytorch version 0.1.11  ## Version 0.1.11 ## python2.7 and cuda 8.0 pip install htt...

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Multi-Agent Actor-Critic for Mixed Cooperative-Competitive Environments 2017-10-25  16:38:23      【...

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path IPython input

函数 agent

算法 Framework High visual 程序运行 fast mapping network

论文笔记: Dual Deep Network for Visual Tracking  2017-10-17 21:57:08    先来看文章的流程吧 。。。         可能够够想看 ,作者所总结...

Image test variables


强度强化学习的18个关键问题   from:     85 人赞了该文章 强度强化学习的问题在哪里?未来为什么么走?...

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